Cheese Gadgets

Everyone's Favorite Cheese Gadget. Photo credit: Marcus Quigmire

Everyone’s Favorite Cheese Gadget. Photo credit: Marcus Quigmire

I asked the good folks on the Tumblr what their favorite cheese gadget was and the majority response was:

My mouth

For those who want cheese gadgets other than those we are born with (mouths, stomachs, etc.), below, I have compiled a selection of cheese and kitchen items that I myself have found useful, in particular when it comes to the recipes included in this site and serving cheese in general.

Cheese Knives

Do you know why Camembert knives have holes in the blade? Check out the selection of cheese knives to find out.

Cheese Boards

Cheese boards should be made from natural materials like marble, slate or wood, in order to better compliment the beauty of the cheeses you serve.

Cheese Graters

Here is a selection of hand graters; my favorite is the last one with the container on the bottom that catches the grated cheese and keeps things tidy.

Grilled Cheese Presses

Grilled cheese presses, for the grilled cheese enthusiasts.

Raclette Melters

Raclette melters come in different models and allow you to have a Raclette party, where people enjoy melted Raclette cheese on potatoes, with a side of charcuterie and mini pickled cucumbers and onions.

Fondue Sets

Cheese Fondue is a traditional Swiss dish enjoyed communally in the winter months.

French Cookware

The French are rather food-obsessed; this shows through in the high quality of French cookware brands.

This is my collection of favorite cheese gadgets (and related French cookware) currently on the market. Did I miss a cheese gadget category? Please contact me to let me know and I will fill in the gap.