The Eiffel Tower

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Despite the curt (and even rude) reputation of Parisians, the world over seems perpetually in love with France. And with a culture celebrating good wine, good food and general joie de vivre, who can blame them? This section of the website includes french cuisine (recipes), wine pairing advice, French cookware and more. You may want to listen to some French music while you peruse this section. I recommend this version of the famous French ballad, sung by an English-Canadian songstress, Jill Barber, who also appears to be in love with France. This video includes scenes from the streets of a French city (looks like Cannes). Below you will find blog posts related to cheese tasting and other very Frenchified events, news and happenings.

Best Baa

Artisanal Cheese: Point of View

After almost 50 years of living in North America, I see from this distance, the decline of the influence of French gastronomy in France. After the Second World War, the French wanted to imitate the Americans and encourage intensive agricultural production in defiance of the cultural values of our agricultural […]

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Just when you thought that Controversial Marriages were going out of style (after all, our American neighbours to the south just legalized gay marriage in all 50 states… thus putting its controversy to rest), we put on a Controversial Marriage Event pairing Ontario wine with Quebec cheese. Our wine and […]

Happy Father’s Day

I hope all the fathers out there had a lovely Father’s day. I enjoyed a nice meal with family and a beautiful Father’s day cheese plate. Included on this platter, starting from the bottom, left one with an orange rind and moving clockwise, we have port salut, emmental, oka, cambozola, gouda, […]

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Soufflé au Gruyère

  Ingredients 60g (1/4 cup) butter 50g (3 tbsp) flour 250 ml (1 cup) of milk A pinch of ground nutmeg 4 eggs yolks 3 eggs whites, beaten stiff (see below) 100g (1/2 cup) grated Gruyère Method Before you start cooking, beat your egg whites with an electric mixer. You […]

The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 2015

On June 6, I went to Picton, in Prince Edward County, Ontario to enjoy the Great Canadian Cheese festival. Prince Edward County is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Montreal. Picton is a small and very tourist-friendly city. Georgs Kolesnikovs, festival organizer, could not choose better for attracting cheese lovers, […]

Asparagus with cheese rosettes4

Asparagus with Cheese Rosettes

This recipe also works fine if you replace the asparagus with broccoli or other steamed green vegetable. I am making this recipe in springtime so I’m using asparagus, but you could use your favorite seasonal vegetable any time of year. Ingredients Fresh asparagus for 2 Cheese rosettes (see below) 2 […]

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Food Columnist Jane Lear on Raw Milk Cheese

In this article, food columnist Jane Lear describes how raw milk cheese regulations are different in Europe and the USA and in particular how in the USA, the FDA’s 60-day-aging regulation may actually increase the risk of listeria contamination, rather than protect food safety. Citing University of Vermont microbiologist and international […]

George Tsioros at St. Lawrence Market's Olympic Cheese. and me.

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 2015

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day allowed me to see former clients and discover new cheeses that I previously knew only by name. In Toronto, we had a few shops participating in this event. Due to lack of time, I was able to visit only three stores. I must say that I […]

Raw Milk Cheese Documentary on RTS

French Experts Weigh in on Raw Milk

In this French language documentary, various French and Swiss experts weigh in on raw milk cheese and the cultural significance of terroir, a French term that refers to the properties of food, which arise from the geographical conditions (such as climate, soil conditions, geology) of their region of production.

Cooking with Caleb

April Cheese Tasting

I was recently asked by Anya, author of the blog Cooking with Caleb, about what cheeses are recommended for tasting in April. This is a rather sophisticated question coming from a non-French person. The French (as you may know) are rather cheese-obsessed, and it may be quite obvious to the […]