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George Tsioros at St. Lawrence Market's Olympic Cheese. and me.

George Tsioros at St. Lawrence Market’s Olympic Cheese. and me.

Are you looking for fine, artisanal cheese? Below is a list of cheese shops I recommend, in Canada, the USA and the UK (the list will continue to grow as I sample others, so please stay tuned).

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Below, you can read about some of my cheese shop visits.

Wine & Cheese Meetup

Wine & Cheese Tasting on June 24

If you are in the Toronto area and would like to sample some delectable Quebec cheeses paired with beautiful Ontario wines, come out for this event I will be co-hosting on Wednesday, June 24th at […]

House of Cheese

Cheese Shops in Ottawa/Gatineau

A short while ago, fellow food blogger, Old Fat Guy sent me a nice request for more information about Quebec cheeses, in advance of a trip he has planned to go to la belle province. So for […]

George Tsioros at St. Lawrence Market's Olympic Cheese. and me.

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 2015

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day allowed me to see former clients and discover new cheeses that I previously knew only by name. In Toronto, we had a few shops participating in this event. Due to lack […]

Tasting olive oils with my grandson at Kristos Epicurean Market

Kristos Epicurean Market

During my short stay in Denver, I had the opportunity not only to visit my son, his wife and my grand children, but also a few cheese shops and markets. One morning while driving the […]

Denver Truffle Cheese Shop

The Truffle Cheese Shop

During my short visit to Denver, Colorado, I had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people (I visited cheeses shops, of course!). What I like in the United States is that people who keep […]